Storytelling is a life skill

Nov 09, 2023
Storytelling is a life skill

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Topics covered: Storytelling, persuasion, influence


You work hard. And you're dedicated and focused too.

I hear you.

In fact, you’re probably snowed in right now from a bunch of emails and a to-do list that is piling up.

And then this random post pops up about storytelling being a life skill.

Is this some kind of joke?

Is this for moms trying to put their kid to bed?

Nah... that’s not relevant to me. That’s not gonna get me a raise and a promotion. If I put my head down, work very hard for 2-3 years, it will be mine.

Except it won’t.

The world is changing before our eyes. With many sectors in steady contraction, the rise of generative AI, and the offshoring of hires, it is simply not enough to just work hard.

We need to be more than commodities, and:

✅ Articulate our significant contributions to the company

✅ Represent our company publicly and pitch it at business events

✅ Convince and persuade key stakeholders to work with us

✅ Lead and motivate a distributed and remote team

✅ Find a pipeline of leads for business owners


The twin contributions of branding and storytelling

Next week, I am training not one but two government agencies on branding and storytelling.

More than 200 employees have signed up to level up their branding and storytelling game with me.


On the branding front, I will be explaining to them:

  • What does a strong professional brand look like 

  • What advantages does a strong professional brand provide you

  • How to create a strong LinkedIn profile

  • How to create a content and skills portfolio on LinkedIn

  • Basic etiquette and how to network effectively on LinkedIn


On the storytelling front, I will be sharing with them:

  • How to persuade and influence and tell great stories

  • How to create content pillars for a sustainable pipeline

  • The big no-no's of online communication such as humble bragging, public rants and outbursts, click-bait content, and selling without "soul"


Let me train you too

I am giving a live LinkedIn Storytelling Secrets workshop and Q&A session on 23 November, 11AM-12PM (GMT+8) for anyone who has purchased a masterclass course from me before.

Download a free introduction chapter of my recently launched The LinkedIn Success Mindset e-book and video course to check it out for yourself!

Professor Kishore Mahbubani, former Singapore ambassador to the UN, has kindly written me a foreword. LinkedIn's Frank Koo and LinkedIn Top Voices David Wee, Chris Do, Chuen Chuen Yeo and Amanda Cua have all written me generous reviews.






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