Storytelling secrets on LinkedIn

Oct 12, 2023
Storytelling secrets on LinkedIn

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Topics covered: Storytelling, masterclass, content creation on LinkedIn


I'm absolutely thrilled that close to a thousand people have joined my new and exclusive Find Your Superpower with Juliana Chan WhatsApp community, where the magic of professional branding and LinkedIn unfolds.

This free WhatsApp community has a limit of 5,000 members, so get in before I run out of space—it’s entirely up to Meta, not me!

I may only be one week into running my WhatsApp community, but I am finding my sea legs. I have already started to share:

🚀 Deep dives: interesting LinkedIn posts and article links

🚀 LinkedIn profiles to follow: super cool LinkedIn influencers you may not have heard of but will make your LinkedIn feed oh so much better

🚀 Storytelling secrets: storytelling tips to make your LinkedIn account pop

All of this content is unique to WhatsApp, and I will not be reposting it elsewhere on my LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

🚨Note: your mobile number is only accessible to the community admin, and you may leave the WhatsApp community at any time! ðŸš¨


Updates on my LinkedIn Success Mindset course

I have nearly completed my upcoming masterclass, the LinkedIn Success Mindset e-book and video course, which shows you how you can apply three laws—the law of abundance, the law of attraction, and the law of reciprocity—to unlock career and business success on LinkedIn.

Here’s a 12 October update:

⭐️ E-book: The e-book is ready for launch

⭐️ Video: The video course is being edited

⭐️ Early reviews: Bouquets are streaming in and can be read here


I am grateful to receive this early review from David Wee, a LinkedIn Top Voice whom I respect dearly. Here’s what he said:

"I have been posting five days a week on LinkedIn for many years and during this time I have gotten to know Juliana better. I have watched her grow very quickly from 0-70k followers thanks to her inspiring and useful posts.

In this e-book and video course, Juliana shows how you can make better use of LinkedIn for your professional goals, be it finding a new job or a client for your business. 

I am so glad Juliana is sharing what has helped make her a shining star in the LinkedIn Universe. Her e-book and video course is going to help so many others shine brightly too."

Thank you David!

A gentle reminder that the course will be launching on 24 October 2023, and you can still pre-order with my 30% off with the discount code "ABUNDANCE30". Once the course launches, it will revert back to its retail price.


There is still organic reach on LinkedIn

According to online reports, more than 90% of LinkedIn users are lurkers, which means that they doom scroll and only occasionally reply in the comments. A very small percentage of less than 3% of all LinkedIn users are content creators.

The situation on LinkedIn is in total contrast to Instagram and Facebook, where everyone including grandma and grandpa are creating voracious amounts of content, ranging from cat memes to memes of the singer Drake.

As a result of these very polar opposite behaviors, it is much easier to get organic reach and growth on LinkedIn, simply because it is not as congested as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

When I coach corporate teams and individuals on LinkedIn, I often encounter two camps:

  • In camp 1, they find it challenging to find any content to post on LinkedIn

  • In camp 2, they are posting everything and anything that pops in their mind, ranging from what they ate, to how many kilometers (or miles) they ran with a photo of the circuit, to whatever was on the news that day. They are using LinkedIn as a glorified online diary, similar to how they would use Facebook.

I often find it quite amusing as these are diametrically opposite problems to solve, but I have proven time and time again that both camps can be helped by designing a solid editorial content framework and learning some evergreen storytelling formats.

Creating a strong content framework allows us to stay stable and consistent in our messaging and communication. It helps those in camp 1 be assured of a pipeline of content, and those in camp 2 from straying too far from what we want to be known for professionally.


The power of storytelling on LinkedIn

You may also be aware that I now also conduct 1:1 client coaching, and my clients are typically founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

I am strangely proud that I have spoiled some of my VIP clients rotten because they are now re-programmed to think that 200-300 likes per post is an “average” post, while 100 likes per post is the minimum acceptable threshold to cross.

They text me, “Hmmm… my post ONLY got 100 likes.”

I write back, “Haha, read that out loud and scroll back to when we first started. Then tell me if you think 100 likes is good or bad!”

This is without any engagement pods, paid likes, scripts or bots, by the way.

I suppose that this is a happy outcome of storytelling success on LinkedIn—the bar gets raised, by A LOT! The stakes are higher, and they start to demand more from themselves and their storytelling.

Let me tell you... you’ll never see LinkedIn in the same way once you get a post with more than 1K likes, which would typically be linked to 50-100K impressions or more.

When the DMs, connection requests and comments pour in fast and furious, all authentic messages written by real people wanting to know you, collaborate with you or work for you, you suddenly understand what the whole point of LinkedIn is about.

Lurking and doom scrolling on LinkedIn?

You'd recall those days and think: That was a complete waste of my time!

I am planning a LIVE Zoom call on 23 November, 11 AM - 12 PM (Singapore time, GMT +8:00) for all of you who have bought my online courses in the past (time and date subject to change).

The Zoom session will cover storytelling secrets, with a Q&A section after that. For those of you who cannot make it, it will be recorded and uploaded onto the course page, and you can watch it whenever you have the time.

At the end of the day, why do I create masterclasses? Because it combines my passion for creating curriculum and teaching as a former university assistant professor, with my current reality as a full-time professional writer leading a communication firm.

So thank you for letting me live out my ikigai: combining what I love to do with creating value for each one of you, by helping you find your professional voice and show up more confidently on LinkedIn. 

🚨 Note: If you have any suggestions for what you would like me to talk about beyond storytelling secrets, please reply to this email and let me know your thoughts!  ðŸš¨



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