E-BOOK + VIDEO COURSE: The LinkedIn Success Mindset

In this all-in-one guide to LinkedIn, we will learn how to manage our mindset, take action and avoid making cardinal sins on LinkedIn.

Let's unlock abundance on LinkedIn and unleash our goodness into the world!


The LinkedIn Success Mindset e-book and video course is not just a how-to guide. It will focus on something more nuanced and sophisticated: our mindset.

In this course, I will introduce you to three important laws of success–the law of abundance, the law of attraction, and the law of reciprocity. These three laws have existed long before I was born and the internet was invented. I’ve adopted them as my own because they work for me. 

  • The law of abundance

One reason that we stay quiet on LinkedIn is because we believe that we don’t have the right to be as successful as Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo or Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. To unleash true abundance in our lives, we must first reject scarcity thinking: the belief that success is limited to a few. We must believe that there is an infinite amount of resources and success out there, and that some of it can go to us.

  • The law of attraction 

What are your intentions for posting on LinkedIn? What kind of energy are you injecting into your posts and profile in general? Do you secretly think that posting on LinkedIn is a hassle, and something you have to tick off because someone said it is good for you, like eating broccoli and spinach? Being highly intentional about why we post and having clear professional intentions for each post are key to attracting positive energy on LinkedIn.

  • The law of reciprocity

Are you joyfully sharing your knowledge and goodness with the world because you want to give out more value than you take? Or are you mostly self-oriented and using LinkedIn to humble brag about your latest awards, promotions and the VIPs you’ve met? Do you invest your time and effort into building meaningful relationships online by commenting on good posts? We visit the law of reciprocity and learn how we can unleash goodness on LinkedIn through reciprocity alone.


Besides the three laws, we will learn to manage our success blocks and limiting beliefs that lead to self-sabotage. We will also gain practical insights on handling trolls and haters, such as how to create boundaries between ourselves and them.

Finally, we will learn how to avoid making some “cardinal sins” on LinkedIn, such as humble bragging and creating “shock jock” content. Both are behaviors that do not support our professional brand and career goals.

While this course primarily focuses on mindset, I structure it in three parts: Part I, on the three laws and how to manage our mindset; Part II, on taking action by crafting an editorial content strategy and networking on LinkedIn; and Part III, on the cardinal sins to avoid on LinkedIn.

Are you ready? Yes? 

What are we waiting for?  Let’s go!


"Academics seek truth. Business persons seek profits. So can a great academic become a good business person? In theory, no. In practice, yes. This brilliant little book shows how.

Juliana was an accomplished scientist before she decided to make a leap across the great divide between academia and business to launch her own enterprise. That alone took great courage. Yet, it took even greater courage to persist despite the tough setbacks generated by Covid-19 and to launch a digital strategy in the midst of this great storm.

Amazingly, Juliana succeeded. Actually, for those who know Juliana, it wasn’t amazing at all. Few can match her sheer intellect, drive and determination, energy and ambition. If Juliana sets her mind on a project, she cannot fail.

Indeed, she succeeded beyond all her expectations. This is why this book is a must-read for all budding entrepreneurs, which we all are. Her three laws of abundance, attraction and reciprocity should become widely disseminated around the world.

I know from personal experience that Juliana is remarkably generous with her time and wisdom. For a 75-year-old like me to plunge into this exciting new world of social media was clearly a leap of faith from a cliff into a deep unknown. Yet, Juliana generously shared a parachute with me to ensure a safe and happy landing for this leap of faith. Without her help, my LinkedIn account would have languished in obscurity. She saved it.

Let’s all thank Juliana for generously sharing her wisdom and learning with the world. I have no doubt that this volume will inspire many others, young and old, novices or seasoned entrepreneurs, to venture into new territory!"

- Professor Kishore Mahbubani
Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Singapore Ambassador to the UN (1984-1989 and 1998-2004) and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1994-1998)
Founding Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (2004-2017)
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"It is my mission at The Futur to teach one billion people how to make a living doing what they love. I am glad to see Juliana doing the same here, by demonstrating how the combination of mindset and action is key to success on LinkedIn.

In particular, I agree with Juliana that we should give more than we take on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform where we can engage our community and offer them abundance in terms of our knowledge and ideas. Please consider this e-book and video course if you would like to learn from a LinkedIn Top Voice how to make LinkedIn work for you."

- Chris Do, Founder of The Futur,
LinkedIn Top Voice, 482K followers
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"I have been posting five days a week on LinkedIn for many years and during this time I have gotten to know Juliana better. I have watched her grow very quickly from 0-70k followers thanks to her inspiring and useful posts.

In this e-book and video course, Juliana shows how you can make better use of LinkedIn for your professional goals, be it finding a new job or a client for your business.   

I am so glad Juliana is sharing what has helped make her a shining star in the LinkedIn Universe. Her e-book and video course is going to help so many others shine brightly too."

- David Wee, LinkedIn Top Voice, 130K followers
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"This is a powerful e-book that explores not just the “What,” but importantly the “Why” of establishing a presence on LinkedIn.

Through sharing her rich experience as a LinkedIn Top Voice, Juliana provides holistic advice to readers on how their mindset and approach can affect the outcome they hope to achieve on the platform.

A definitely must-read for anyone interested to become a LinkedIn content creator."

- Frank Koo, Head of Asia - Talent and Learning Solutions, LinkedIn
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"Having stumbled into entrepreneurship with sparse business training, I was one of the lurkers on LinkedIn. First person who stood out? Juliana. For someone who started with 300+ connections, Juliana's posts were my source of inspiration for many years as I found the courage to show up, engage and build a brand.

I'm honored to read her e-book, pages of solid value generously paid out for you step by step, demonstrating her deep expertise in this area of becoming successful on LinkedIn. I'm confident for you, dear readers, that you will find the mindset to elevate your personal brand and manifest success in your career.

This is the e-book I wished I had when I first started!"

- Yeo Chuen Chuen, Managing Director of ACESENCE Agile Leadership
Author of Leaders People Love
LinkedIn Top Voice, 29K followers
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"No matter where you are in your LinkedIn content creation journey, this book will be valuable for you. It covers actionable steps and frameworks that are easy to follow for anyone who wants to level up their content.

But more importantly, it covers your mindset and your own 'why.' These are what you need to make creating content on LinkedIn fun and sustainable in the long-run—which I’d argue is the even more important part.

On top of that, all these how-to’s, lessons, and insights are weaved in Juliana’s engaging voice and story that makes it a breeze to read.

While I am a LinkedIn Top Voice myself and post regularly, many of these tips were still valuable for me. I read this while I was feeling like I was 'in a rut' with my LinkedIn content, and it was exactly what I needed."

Amanda Cua, Founder and CEO of Backscoop
LinkedIn Top Voice, 24K followers
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"Juliana’s e-book not only covers the importance of building a brand on LinkedIn but also how the concept of abundance helps us show up better both online and offline. Filled with practical tips and relatable stories, it is a must-read for anyone looking to elevate their brand. Highly recommended!"

Angel Kilian, DEI leader,
LinkedIn Top Voice, 28K followers
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  • Chapter 1 – Do you truly believe in abundance?

  • Chapter 2 – Set our intentions loudly

  • Chapter 3 – Identify our success blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Chapter 4 – Lean into the law of reciprocity

  • Chapter 5 – Dealing with haters and trolls



  • Chapter 6 – Know our endgame

  • Chapter 7 – Find and maintain a momentum

  • Chapter 8 – Create content pillars for a sustainable pipeline

  • Chapter 9 – Basic etiquette on LinkedIn

  • Chapter 10 – Useful apps, privacy settings and algorithm changes



  • Chapter 11 – Humble braggers should be renamed humble gaggers

  • Chapter 12 – Get a diary! No more public rants and outbursts

  • Chapter 13 – Shock-jock content only works for Howard Stern

  • Chapter 14 – All sell and no soul makes Juliana a dull girl

  • Chapter 15 – We will not use quick fixes and hacks


What you'll get:

  • 1h on-demand video course
  • E-book (PDF)
  • 1h LinkedIn Storytelling Secrets Workshop (23 November 2023 recording)
  • 1h LinkedIn Branding Basics Workshop (26 January 2024 recording) 



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