Dr Juliana Chan is an expert on professional branding on LinkedIn and science communication.

Known for her deeply researched keynote talks that combine science, entrepreneurship and life experience, Juliana's audiences leave the room feeling empowered and excited for the future.

In recent years, she has added two keynote talks to her speaking portfolio: slaying the imposter syndrome, and the three laws of wellbeing and success.




During the pandemic, conferences and networking events were canceled everywhere. Companies and individuals woke up to the realization that it is existential to have a strong online presence.

In this talk, Dr Juliana Chan will show you how to sharpen your professional brand and create original content to achieve your business and career objectives.

Juliana will guide audiences on how to:

  • Gain a stronger self-awareness about what your professional brand is (and what isn't!) 
  • Create original content for your target audience
  • Learn tried-and-tested storytelling structures from Star Wars and Pixar
  • Pick up basic etiquette and networking tips on LinkedIn
  • Understand the LinkedIn algorithm 'black box' and apply it successfully



As generative AI takes the world by storm and the rate of change accelerates, it is more important than ever for us to step outside of our comfort zone and have a growth mindset.

But along the way, we may experience imposter syndrome—a feeling of intellectual phoniness that is common among high-achieving individuals from under-represented backgrounds.

Dr Juliana Chan's encouraging and supportive keynote will be of interest to anyone at all stages of their careers. It will inspire audiences to embrace abundance and discover their inner strength.

Juliana will help her audiences to:

  • Identify where we are in our growth and learning journey
  • Manage and slay our imposter syndrome 
  • Find our "voice" in the workplace
  • Learn to say no and set boundaries 
  • Build a strong support network of mentors and sponsors



In this mindset-focused keynote, Dr Juliana Chan introduces three laws—the law of abundance, the law of attraction, and the law of reciprocity—that will help us unlock success in our lives.

The law of abundance: To unleash true abundance in our lives, we must believe that there is an infinite amount of resources that we can tap into.

The law of attraction: What kind of energy are we injecting into our daily activities? Being highly intentional is key to attracting positive energy into our lives.

The law of reciprocity: Are we joyfully sharing knowledge because we want to give more than we take? Do we invest our time into building meaningful reciprocal relationships? 

Juliana will show us how to:

  • Apply the three laws of wellbeing in our lives
  • Undergo a mindset shift from scarcity to abundance thinking
  • Reframe limiting beliefs that act as our success blocks 
  • Create boundaries and safe spaces for ourselves to shine


Juliana Chan is an MIT-trained scientist turned media entrepreneur, and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

She founded the STEM-focused media communication firm Wildtype Media Group in 2018, after a 15-year career in nanomedicine and drug delivery.

Today, Juliana runs a 20-pax creative team supporting government, academic and MNC clients on their strategic communication needs. In particular, she focuses on thought leadership content, custom publishing, corporate branding and social media.

Juliana’s LinkedIn journey began in early 2020, when she started posting actively during the pandemic lockdown. That same year, she was named an inaugural LinkedIn Top Voice for Singapore. In 2023, she started coaching business leaders and creating educational content around LinkedIn.

Besides her businesses, Juliana is also a frequent keynote speaker. She regularly talks about entrepreneurship, science communication, and of course, professional branding on LinkedIn.


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