A day in the life of a LinkedIn coach

Feb 01, 2024
A day in the life of a LinkedIn coach

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Topics covered: LinkedIn coaching, social media strategy, personal branding, storytelling for business


Yesterday was a busy day of coaching, and my heart is full.

I thought I’d try something new today, which is to take you through a day in the life of a LinkedIn coach!


Wednesday, 31 January 2024:

06:00 Wake up, put both kids on the school bus, get ready for work

08:00 Drive to LinkedIn to give a talk to the LinkedIn APAC sales team during their two-day offsite meeting (thank you Frank Koo for the invitation)

09:00 Share my four-year journey with the team and some branding and storytelling tips

10:30 Take obligatory selfies with the LinkedIn logo


If interested, here's a fun reel of my visit to the LinkedIn Asia-Pacific headquarters:

... and follow me on Instagram for more reels!


11:00 Grab a quick lunch and multitask by writing a LinkedIn post and answering some DMs and comments

12:00 Return home and quickly run through my emails, WhatsApp messages and DMs on Instagram and LinkedIn

13:00 Review my notes and the research materials prepared by my team for my second LinkedIn consultation for the day, thankfully a virtual meeting

14:00 Lead a 90-min consultancy session on social media strategy for an awesome corporate client, whose social media accounts on six platforms we audited and made suggestions for improvements

15:30 After the call, I brainstorm further and delegate writing roles to my colleagues who will help me to assemble the consultancy report

16:00 Back to my overflowing emails and DMs. Chat with my bootcamp participants and 1:1 clients, and work on the curriculum for my upcoming six-week LinkedIn bootcamp, which has fully sold out!!! (PS: you may waitlist here for a future bootcamp.)

17:00 An early dinner with my family and a sudden code switch to "MOMMY MODE". I take my son to his swimming class after dinner. By the way, I strongly believe in work-life balance, and so my colleagues never hear from me (and know that I prefer not to be disturbed) after 6 pm on a workday. When you are a CEO and mom, finding balance is key!

21:00 Put the kids to bed, chat with my friends and family on social media, and go to bed. 


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