I challenged someone. She now has a blue badge.

May 26, 2024
I challenged someone. She now has a blue badge.

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Two years ago, I met a friend for coffee.

Let’s call her Penny*.

(Story anonymized and shared with her permission.)

Like everyone else, Penny was a “lurker” on LinkedIn—yes, that’s what they’re called.

She certainly wasn’t an active LinkedIn content creator and she mostly used it for irregular work updates like when she received a promotion or an industry award.

This coffee session took place before I started coaching individuals on LinkedIn—at the time, I only coached corporate teams.


On mindset and action

Please allow me to get a little philosophical for a moment, if you don’t mind.

In life, most of us don’t take action on our own accord. We must be challenged.

There must usually be an instigator, a call to action.

It could be a push: something negative like a parent or a close friend getting a terminal diagnosis or dying.

It could be a pull: something positive like creating a target to earn a certain amount of money by a certain age.

Or it could be someone we trust appearing in our lives to nudge us into action. There are many ways that a mentor or coach can metaphorically “wake us up” and handle our objections. They can gently nudge us or they can even dare us.

Good cop, bad cop.

But both strategies basically require that the following questions be answered:

🚀 what will I gain from this action?

🚀 what will I lose if I don’t take this action?

🚀 why now and not sometime in the future?


Juliana the good cop AND bad cop

So I decided to try a experiment. I would both nudge and dare Penny into action.

The good cop said (paraphrased): “Penny, there are so few successful female CEOs like you out there. Your work is truly important and you’re doing great things in <insert context>. Like many others, I am truly inspired by what you have done in your career.”

The bad cop said (paraphrased): “But your ideas are hidden from all of us. Why? You’re the CEO. Who’s gonna talk about your company if you don’t? Penny, you gotta show up on LinkedIn and represent all of us in male-dominated fields.”

Something must have clicked in Penny’s head because she started posting on LinkedIn after that.

A year or so later…



Communication is in our job description

As a professional, posting on LinkedIn and speaking at industry events isn’t vanity or humble bragging.

It is part of our job description.

It’s about sharing our unique and valuable ideas with the world.

If we bury our head in our work—especially the remote folks like me—nobody is going to know about all of the amazing things we are doing.

If we’re not building in the open, we can’t find the collaborators and mentors who could be real assets to our professional growth. We can’t attract talented individuals who will join our team and help us build.

If we’re dimming our voice because of excuses, limiting beliefs and success blocks—“I can’t do this because <insert strong opinion>”—then the world cannot possibly discover our goodness.

So let’s unlock our abundance into the world!

PS: a blue badge is just a shiny object, I think we all agree on that. The primary objective as always is to discover our professional voice and share our ideas with the world for career and business outcomes.


Next bootcamp launching soon

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