Please take my job satisfaction survey

Jun 01, 2023
Please take my job satisfaction survey

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Topics covered: Job satisfaction, career transition, ikigai, future of work


This week I have been thinking a lot about work. And I don’t mean my to-do list, but the fabric of work itself.

I have been thinking about about two topics, in particular:

  • the tense dynamics between employer and employee
  • the cultural evolution of Gen Zs from generations prior

Reading through my social media comments in general made me think that more dialogue is required to understand the expectations and concerns of younger workers today.

With a post-pandemic hiring boom and subsequent spike in layoffs, especially in big tech, many workers are experiencing a case of whiplash. It is no wonder they are frustrated and upset. It made me think that employers and organizations need to listen more deeply to their employees if they want to find and retain the best talent on their team.

And vice versa too...! Companies are struggling to make ends meet in a challenging economy with soaring inflation and rising manpower and supply chain costs. They need to communicate that to their team regularly and align everyone’s efforts into staying afloat.


An anonymous job satisfaction survey

Some of you may be aware that I was formerly a scientist for 15 years, slowly making my way up to an assistant professor position before making a career transition myself into entrepreneurship.

What I thought would be fun is for me to revisit my past life as a researcher, by collecting some data on job satisfaction using a very simple Google survey form.

As I am rusty and this is my first such survey, the Google form only asks simple questions on universally relevant topics such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, impact on society and upskilling.

This sample group clearly over-indexes on whoever reads this newsletter, which means it is not a representative sample, but think of it as merely a thought exercise. It is not as if the data will be submitted for rigorous review by a top international journal with an H index of 50.

My goal is to reach n=100 of responses to allow me to run a statistical analysis on the responses. Based on the quality of the responses, I may do a follow-up survey that is more qualitative in nature.

If I can’t get to 100 responses, I will not be able to run any meaningful analysis on it, so please participate. I hope that you will have fun taking the survey!

Thanks for reading issue 016 of my weekly Find Your Superpower newsletter.

I wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll be taking two weeks off for the school holidays and there won’t be a newsletter during that time. I’m looking forward to creating some core memories with my family during that period. :)



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