The LinkedIn Success Mindset book excerpt

Oct 19, 2023
The LinkedIn Success Mindset book excerpt

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An excerpt from the LinkedIn Success Mindset introduction chapter:


Life sometimes takes you dragging and screaming

Life is mercurial. When it deals us an unexpected hand it may force us to abruptly change our career plans altogether.

From pandemics to mass layoffs, bankruptcies, economic tailwinds, chronic illness, disability, pregnancy and childcare, elderly caregiving, divorce or the death of a loved one, so much can happen that is out of our control.

When our cards are dealt, we have to find a path forward, sometimes begrudgingly and painfully. We have to wake up every morning and say out loud, “Not today!”

2018 and 2020 were milestone years for me, and I was forced to make two career pivots:

  • 2018: my sudden and unplanned resignation

  • 2020: the global upheaval from the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2018, I decided to resign as I was not holding up very well. I had a toddler and an infant at home. I had a packed research and lecturing schedule. I was also running a blossoming science magazine, called the Asian Scientist. I was barely getting enough rest. I did not exercise.

For those reading this who are putting out fires in all directions 24-7, I know from experience that you can’t be excelling in everything—because your energy, time, health and power are being splintered into many tiny little pieces.

Energy at an all-time low aside, I felt that, despite the huge risk I would be taking by leaving my iron-rice-bowl job behind and launching an entrepreneurial career without a safety net, my passion could keep me going through the darkest hour.

I therefore decided to pivot to my calling—I would start a science media company focusing on my mission “to help make Asian scientists household names.”

In 2018, digital publishers were shaping up to become a formidable entity of their own. It was an era when Buzzfeed and Vice reigned supreme (update: the former has lost more than 90% of its stock value, and the latter is bankrupt and being sold for parts).

Print products and in-person events were still reliable marketing channels and raking in money and eyeballs. That year, my company ran 14 in-person events, one of them with a Nobel Laureate and standing room only, and another with nine doctors and a sold-out crowd.

Circa 2018, I had an account on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, but I would say that my social media strategy was lacking. I instinctively knew that I had something to say and a lot to give, but what would I write about? What would I discuss?

What did my voice sound like?

Who would engage with my posts?

I had many questions, but no answers.


The pandemic push to digital

Because running a growing business is a full-time job and my kids were entering their terrible twos and threes, I very quickly relegated my social media strategy to the bottom of my to-do list.

2020 however, swiftly brought all of my best-laid plans to an end. The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic turned all of our lives upside down. Flights were grounded and everyone was instructed to shelter-in-place. Some countries closed their borders, and others imposed draconian measures like quarantines and lockdowns.

Suffice to say, all in-person events were canceled and print became somewhat irrelevant.

I think 2020 was one of those moments of reckoning. It was like the tide went out and revealed that all of us were swimming naked, lacking in a coherent digital branding strategy.

Those furloughed or laid off overnight scrambled to build a digital profile as it was the only channel left to communicate with potential recruiters.

Companies that had no viable digital strategy completely “disappeared” for the next few years, at a huge financial and opportunity cost, as they struggled to build up their digital marketing teams.

I decided that COVID was a watershed moment for me and my company.

I had two choices: Gain mastery of digital communication, or acknowledge that my company was not meant to make a leap into the digital realm.

It was sink or swim. I decided to throw everything I had into building a professional brand on the internet.

To use a poker analogy, I was all in.


You are your own professional brand

Besides infecting billions of people with the coronavirus, 2020 also ushered in a new era where everyone became their own company and brand.

Earning an income as a remote worker, consultant, solopreneur, freelancer and/or gig worker became desirable overnight for the GenZ and Millennial crowd.

Portfolio careers became more attractive and accessible given a proliferation of remote opportunities and as an income diversification strategy. It was also a rejection of iron-rice-bowl careers favored by the Baby Boomer generation.

What used to be a full-time job for one person working in an office, could now become a “gig” split among five remote workers all across the world.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo and the realization that no job is safe also led to the genesis of new terms like “quiet quitting” and “the Great Resignation.”

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