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Find Your Superpower newsletter 016

Read time: 3 minutes

Topics covered: Job satisfaction, career transition, ikigai, future of work


This week I have been thinking a lot about work. And I don’t mean my to-do list, but the fabric of work itself.

I have been thinking about about two...

Leaving our comfort zone

Find Your Superpower newsletter 015

Read time: 6 minutes

Topics covered: Career transition, changing jobs, growth mindset, executive coaching


Burnout from Zoom calls with global HQ that run past 3 AM every night.

 Watching a family member fall sick and realizing life is too short.


My one-month sabbatical

Find Your Superpower newsletter 014

Read time: 6 minutes

Topics covered: Mental health, deep rest, sabbatical, entrepreneurship


Some of you may be aware that I was on sabbatical leave in the month of April.

After five years of entrepreneurship and running a high-contact-sport media...

The honest truths about entrepreneurship

Find Your Superpower newsletter 013

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: Business, entrepreneurship, founder, leadership 


“I very rarely have to set my alarm clock to wake up these days!”

That is what Marc Nicholson, founder of members’ club 1880, told me in episode...

My keynote speech for LinkedIn

Find Your Superpower newsletter 012

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: Professional branding, LinkedIn, career development

[These are excerpts of a keynote speech I gave last week on April 26, 2023, at the networking launch event of the Leaders Collective, a program for the brightest senior...

The four types of colleagues we meet at work

Find Your Superpower newsletter 011

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: Personality types, organizational psychology, communication


“They are very nice, but can they lead a team?”

“OK enough of the vacation photos! Can we get to work already?”

“Why do...

Not having to use LinkedIn is a privilege

Find Your Superpower newsletter 010

Read time: 3 minutes

Topics covered: LinkedIn, retrenchment, job search, business development, professional branding


I was at a networking event at a glitzy bar on the top floor of a skyscraper.

We had just opened a bottle of top-grade champagne,...

The bully, victim and rescuer drama triangle

Find Your Superpower newsletter 009

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: Self-empowerment, mindset shift, organizational psychology, interpersonal conflicts


I am guilty as charged.

When I was a young executive, I regularly threw myself parties—pity parties, that is. I would complain...

Do you have a champion in your corner?

Find Your Superpower newsletter 008

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Mentorship, sponsorship, career allies


I was recently rejected for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Some of you may know that I am the founder and CEO of Wildtype Media Group, and so I am not referring to a job or a...

Can our work speak for itself?

Find Your Superpower newsletter 007

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Public speaking, effective communication, presentation skills, upskilling


Cringey, cringeworthy.

Watching my old public speaking videos makes me cringe. Cringe is even an understatement.

I still remember my early...

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