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April 2023: My magic month Mar 23, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 006

Read time: 4 minutes 

Topics covered: Entrepreneurship, mental health, proactive rest


Hello, Find Your Superpower newsletter subscribers!

I have an important update that I have been wanting to share with you. But I think I need to share a little...

How to find your ikigai in life Mar 16, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 005

Read time: 6 minutes

Topics covered: Finding purpose & passion at work, perfectionism & imposter syndrome, money vs mission


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my first-ever podcast and video series, “The Science of Work with Juliana...

How to appear more senior in 3 simple steps Mar 09, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 004

Read time: 7 minutes

Topics covered: Public speaking, interview tips, performance review


This newsletter builds on a post I wrote on LinkedIn some three months ago, called “How to appear more senior in 3 simple steps,” which set my account...

You don’t have to be #1 to win in life Mar 02, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 003

Read time: 5 minutes 

Topics covered: Alternative definitions of success, mental health and burnout, career strategy


When we think of winning, we often think of placing first in some kind of competition or race. But I reject the notion that winning...

3 ideas to unlock value at work Feb 23, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 002

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Value-based pricing, public speaking, building a skills portfolio


Most people think of career progression as a promotion and a raise.

There’s only one problem with this strategy which I don't like: it gives our...


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