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A deep dive into LinkedIn's algorithm changes Jan 25, 2024

Find Your Superpower newsletter 043

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: LinkedIn algorithm, personal branding, storytelling for business


I’ve been having a lot of fun preparing for my public LinkedIn Branding Basics workshop taking place tomorrow (Friday).

You are still welcome to...

Five little branding tips Jan 18, 2024

Find Your Superpower newsletter 042

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Personal branding, thought leadership, niche building


Do you feel like you’ve been sprinting since the start of 2024? I certainly feel like I have. ‍

Lots of new client projects and speaking engagements,...

The power of a great brand: Club Med case study Jan 11, 2024

Find Your Superpower newsletter 041

Read time: 7 minutes

Topics covered: Branding, customer service, brand experience


I had no choice but to write this newsletter on Club Med.

No, this post is not sponsored (I wish it were). Rather, I have not been able to stop thinking about the Club Med...

So you want to be a thought leader Jan 04, 2024

Find Your Superpower newsletter 040

Read time: 8 minutes

Topics covered: Branding, thought leadership, credibility and authority


I must read at least 300+ LinkedIn posts per day.

To keep it interesting and to level up my ability to predict social media and behavioral psychology, I've...

The only profitable brand persona on LinkedIn Dec 28, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 039

Read time: 9 minutes

Topics covered: Personal branding, brand persona, thought leadership


Yesterday, I shared The 9 archetypes of people you can find on LinkedIn. I had been working on it for my LinkedIn Branding Basics workshop on January 26, 2024,...

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