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Are you trying new things? Dec 07, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 037

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: New year resolution, change, growth, exploration, fun


As we set our goals and intentions for 2024, some of them may include making a career transition, building a stronger professional brand, and communicating more...

It's time to shake up your LinkedIn game Nov 30, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 036

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Empathy, trust, LinkedIn coaching, storytelling


On Thursday last week, I delivered my first-ever public LinkedIn Storytelling Secrets workshop and Q&A session for my masterclass buyers.

Here’s the topics...

2023: My year of self-renewal and change Nov 23, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 035

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Remote work, content creation, mindset shift


Dear newsletter subscribers, it’s the day of my public LinkedIn Storytelling Secrets workshop!

It is also five weeks to the end of 2023. Where did all the time go?


5 ways to get called back as a speaker Nov 16, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 034

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: Public speaking, storytelling, communication


I’m still responding to messages from a post last week, titled “5 ways to never be called back as a speaker.” To date, it has gotten close to 200K...

Storytelling is a life skill Nov 09, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 033

Read time: 3 minutes

Topics covered: Storytelling, persuasion, influence


You work hard. And you're dedicated and focused too.

I hear you.

In fact, you’re probably snowed in right now from a bunch of emails and a to-do list that is piling up.


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