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What is your satisfaction ratio? Sep 14, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 027

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: Satisfaction, happiness, mindset


A refreshing idea I recently learnt from bestselling author and Harvard professor Arthur C. Brooks is the concept of a have-to-want ratio.

According to him:

Satisfaction = What you...

Abundance thinking: Leaders' edition Sep 07, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 026

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: leadership, abundance mindset, cooperation, diversity and inclusion


I had a surprise for everyone yesterday… I dropped a bonus episode for season 1 of The Science of Work with Juliana Chan podcast, which ended...

I staged a LinkedIn intervention Aug 31, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 025

Read time: 7 minutes

Topics covered: content creation, storytelling, LinkedIn coaching


A couple of weeks ago, I staged a LinkedIn intervention.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an intervention is:

The act of interfering with the outcome or...

Eat, play, love company retreat Aug 24, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 024

Read time: 5 minutes

Topics covered: teamwork, employee engagement, company culture, annual retreat


I’ve been very busy lately—not only for work, which definitely keeps me busy, but also with the planning and logistics of my company’s...

The never-ending game Aug 17, 2023

Find Your Superpower newsletter 023

Read time: 4 minutes

Topics covered: ikigai, job satisfaction, work-life balance, mental health


There is a very troubling phenomenon in society of overachieving.

Competitiveness. One-upmanship. Kiasu-ism.

Need to find a partner and buy an apartment...

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